Irish Coast Sofa Table Small

The Irish Coast

The Irish Coast is one of our longest standing collections (it's been in our top 10 collections since 2003) and for a very good reason. Its timeless appeal and thoughtful use of reclaimed timber will see it through many a fad, Hipster, and Scandy obsession. Made from 100% reclaimed, recycled timber and finished with a secret 7 step process to give it a depth of rich colour. The Irish Coast is completed with beautiful yet subtle traditional brass handles.

Our Irish Coast collection is a tribute to 18th Century Irish carpentry. Ravaged by poverty, craftsmen of the time were forced to salvage discarded timber from the peat bogs after the country had been stripped bare of trees. This resulted in a jigsaw method of construction which became an art form in itself and which our craftsmen have lovingly recreated.

  • Lenth 1110 mm
  • Width 380 mm.
  • Height 700 mm

Care Instruction

People who take care choosing their furniture want to do everything they can to care for the pieces that they choose in order to be able to enjoy them to their full and in order to ensure they last for generations.

We want to help customers keep their furniture looking as beautiful as it did on the day they first fell in love with it.

Follow below link to PGT-Reclaimed Care Instructions:

We recomend Maxwax to take care of your furniture 


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