Mayson 4 DR Chest MAY-C64WH

Functionality meets affordability.

Finished in a fresh, clean white, the Mayson Collection is the ideal storage solution for those on a budget. The drawers sport a slim silver bow handle and are all mounted on metal drawer slides. The Mayson Collection is 100% New Zealand made and is backed with a 5 Year Guarantee. All units are fully assembled.

The Mayson Collection is constructed from 100% NZ made MDF, a renewable resource from sustainably managed pine forests, which is overlaid with a durable, eco-friendly laminate.

Built from New Zealand made and certified MDF which is overlaid with a durable, eco-friendly laminate. Each piece is also thoroughly tested and backed by a 10 year guarantee. 

100% NZ Made Platform 10 furniture is manufactured and assembled in New Zealand by Compac Furniture. Quality furniture made by New Zealanders for New Zealanders.

5 Years Warranty

Northland NZ Made

Now Available in Black

  • Width 596 mm
  • Depth 396 mm
  • Height 897 mm

To Assure your Guarantee

All our furniture carries a 5 year guarantee against defective materials and workmanship. To ensure that your cabinet remains in top condition, please take note of the following:

Where to store your cabinet:

  • Avoid exposure to prolonged direct sunlight.
  • Keep cabinet in a dry place. Do not place cabinet in a damp environment.
  • Always place your cabinet on an even surface.

Care of your cabinet's surface:

  • Wipe off spilt liquids immediately.
  • Do not place cups or bottles where condensation is likely to occur directly on the surface. Condensation from a glass or water is very damaging to furniture. A coaster or some other kind of protection should be used in these instances.
  • Avoid placing hot items directly on the surface. This includes coffee cups, hair-straighteners, irons etc. A coaster or some other kind of protection should be used in these instances.
  • Clean with a slightly damp cloth and buff dry with a soft dry cloth - microfibre is ideal.
  • Do not allow nail polish, removers, deodorants, diffusers or any other damaging chemicals to come into contact with the surface.
  • We can take no responsibility to staining of surfaces due to contact with dyes, paints, or other staining substances.
  • Compac can take no responsibility for modifications made to the cabinet's surface, e.g. paint, stain, dye etc.

General care of your cabinet:

  • Do not open multiple drawers at any one time. Compac Furniture takes no responsibility for tipping of the cabinet due to opening of multiple drawers.
  • Treat your unit with care. Compac takes no responsibility for damages caused by misuse or ill-treatment.
  • Take care when shifting the unit, so as not to damage it (or yourself!) in any way. Units over 20kgs require two people.
  • This furniture is guaranteed for domestic use only.
  • Compac can take no responsibility for any damages caused by any modifications made to the cabinet, e.g. removal, change or alteration of parts or hardware.

Price : $296.00

Our Price : $266.00


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