Oasis 12 Firm Pocket Coil Mattress Single

The Oasis 12 has a 200mm quality Pocket Spring Core 3 zone mattress with quality knitted ticking and full edge support. Layers of posture foam and heat tempered springs are covered with luxurious Tack and Jump quilting and a 35mm quality convoluted comfort layer.

Also as a Sleep set ( Mattress & Base )

  • 10 Year Warranty



  • Width 900 mm
  • Depth 235 mm
  • Lenght 1900 mm

To get the best sleep from your mattress we have a few suggestions for the care and prottectin of your new bed.

A mattress protector should be used to avoid soiling.

Don;t use an old foundation with your new mattress. The two parts work togeather for you comfort and support

Ensure that legs are screwed in tightly and checked each year. Air your mattress at least 4 times a years and at the same time rotate hed to foot to get the best life from your mattress.

Enjoy your mattress





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